Made a few changes/updates recently to Disneyland’s Main Street U.S.A. Train Station. The main structure has been pretty solid for a while, with only minor revisions as I adjust height, width, and depth of elements, but the ramps, stairways, planters, and brick patios have taken a little extra time to lay out.

These two renders show the entire model in grey, with no textures, colors, or materials. This allows the renders to have their contrast adjusted so that imperfections can be sighted and fixed. Too many colors and textures tend to hide mistakes or incorrect alignment of elements.

The model was exported out of SketchUp and imported into an existing “studio” setup inside of 3dsMax. The lighting, coloring, and backdrop all emulate a real-world photography studio and usually produce fantastic results. I’ll post the renders from the Haunted Mansion studio shoot as well.