Adventureland has always been a land with a sparse number of attractions. But the few it does contain are either classics or some of the most popular in the park. Something about the design and feel of the area reminds me more of Walt Disney than any other place in the park, save for maybe Frontierland.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room: At the time it opened in 1963, it was the most complex and advanced audio animatronic show in the world, with 150 separate animatronic characters. It’s one of the few attractions that bears Walt’s name, the first in the Disneyland park to be fully air conditioned, and was owned separately from the rest of the park and charged a $.075 admission fee,

Jungle Cruise: Walt originally wanted live animals. Live animals! I think we’re all glad his imagineers talked him out of that. Major props to imagineer Bill Evans on designing such a detailed and beautiful jungle setting that just recently was recognized as a legitimate “jungle”. And you have to love Harper Goff’s mix of simplicity and engineering that went into laying out the ride track by drawing a line in the dirt with a stick, digging a channel, and then flowing water through it to make sure it was level.

Tarzan’s Treehouse: Replaced the original 1962 Swiss Family Treehouse. Really loved this back in the day, but then everything was glued down because of guest misbehavior and they changed the name. I may have never seen the Swiss Family Robinson movie, but I love the classic-ness of that name applied to the attraction instead of the connection to the modern Tarzan animation.

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye: A ride vehicle that was originally too intense for Michael Eisner, consistently has the longest wait times in the park, and is my mom’s favorite attraction says a lot. Plus the rock star imagineer Tony Baxter played a huge part in bringing this to life and it has one of the best themed queue lines in all of the parks.

Jungle Cruise

Disneyland's Jungle Cruise 3D Render